About Aero Trading Group

We have consolidated our 16 years of experience in the aviation market and offer you:
– Supply of aircraft parts and assets (aircrafts, engines, APUs, NLG & MLG etc.);
– Repair management;
– Consignment asset management.

We will provide storage of your aircraft parts and assets in our own class A warehouses at Frankfurt-Hachn Airport (Germany), 7000 sq.m. and Vilnius (Lithuania), 1200 sq.m., and their delivery to anywhere in the world by auto, air and sea transport.

Our offices are located in the USA – Miami (Florida), Washington (DC), Spain – Valencia, Great Britain – London, Germany – Frankfurt, Lithuania – Vilnius. Our representatives are also ready to meet with you in France – Paris, Senegal – Dakkar, Argentina – Buenos Aires, Venezuela – Caracas.

Our geography is constantly expanding.