Avia Technic Group


Quality Control

The guarantee of successful development of the aviation business is safety. There can be no compromises and coincidences in this issue.

Mistakes are not an option. We understand that, therefore we focus on product quality control and our operations as the principal condition of our business. All products supplied by Avia Technic Group are extremely legitimate. All repair services provided by Avia Technic Group are performed by certified repair stations in accordance with relevant rules and regulations, which are all in written clearly and documented.

Avia Technic Group has a functioning quality System that meets the rules of the SDS PATY (on the basis of international standard requirements EN 9120:2010), this is cerftified to ensure the quality of products is within the requirements.

Work Organization is oriented on maximum satisfaction of Customers \' requirements in procurement, ensuring a proper level of flight safety and the offered services quality.